Much To Talk About- 89

15 Jan

#1. Do Organized Churches Treat Christianity As A Game?

What we have here is nothing but pseudo-christianity. If this appears to be legitimate to you as an expression of Christianity, you really are very far from understanding Christianity. Rather, you only know Christiantainment.

That is Jim West’s opinion, view the video and see what yours is.  My opinion is that I am disgusted by this presentation and their representation of what freedom is. We are freed from sin by Jesus’ redemptive work but we are not free from the rules. We are not allowed to do what we want when we want in God’s kingdom. God has his rules that he wants his followers to adhere to and I highly doubt that that presentation fall sunder the auspices of any of God’s rules.

Where is ‘pick up your cross and follow me’ represented in that demonstration? Where are the beatitudes represented? I am afraid that those who lead churches do not take Christianity seriously enough and lead people into the wrong version of what it means to be a Christian.

#2. Women Preachers

Sometimes I wonder how many women in the church have the gift of teaching, but will never use it, or even entertain the possibility of possessing it. When roughly 90 percent of evangelical pastors and 80 percent of evangelical seminarians are men, it can be hard for gifted women to find role models in the church. With such a void, do some women even consider the thought?

I am involved in a lively discussion on the issue of women preachers and their role in the church.  Why do we allow women to go to Bible school, to seminary if we do not allow them to lead churches, teach men or have authority over men?  The answer to that question is actually very detailed and if seen in the correct light very fulfilling for women even though they do not get to break God’s ‘glass ceiling’.

First, women need to be trained in the Bible because their faith is important. Women need to know how to fight evil, how to pray, how to defend the gospel just like men do. We do not want our women to be vulnerable to evil or weak-willed so that they are easily deceived. We want them to be able to stand on their own two feet because we men cannot be by their sides 24 hours 7 days a week.

Part of a man’s trusting his wife comes in the knowing that she is capable of handling herself in difficult situations.

Second, women need to be trained in the bible to help their men stay on the right path.They need to have wisdom and understanding as well as the correct knowledge of God’s word and how to use them when they comfort their men, give words of advice, or help guide their men back to the straight and narrow. One of the more frustrating things a woman can say to their man when he asks them for her opinion is ‘whatever you say dear.’ Those words do not help especially when the man is looking for sound counsel or her actual opinion.

Third, she needs to be properly trained so that she can teach her children the correct right and wrong, what God actually says, answer their questions, meet their needs and help guide them to the correct solution to their problems. She needs to be able to teach them to respect their father, authority and help get them past those secular teachers and friends who seek to ruin their faith.

Fourth, she needs to be properly trained to help guide younger women of the church making sure that they stay in love with their husbands, follow God correctly and so on.

Finally, the woman needs to be properly trained to help teach new believing women the ways of Christ as Aquila and Priscilla taught Apollos. The new converts are not given omniscience right away and need to be trained in the rules and ways of God by other women. She needs to be able to spot false teaching and know how to move the holder of such views from the incorrect ideology to the correct one.

There is much for women to do without adding men’s burdens to that weight on their shoulders. Then for women to get to that point, they need to learn how to obey God and one of those rules to obey is that they learn from their husbands which means men you cannot be lazy in your Christian life.

Women who pursue the wrong duties miss out on so much they can be doing for God and the church. Gifted women have areas of duty already awaiting them, they just need to learn to be content within God’s order of things.

#3. Anti-Violence Rant

Any culture has a difficult tendency to send conflicting messages on an array of issues, and American culture is no different. This fact is especially true when it comes to one of America’s hallmark characteristics: violence.

This article is a classic example of a person putting their personal preferences above God and demanding that people follow those instead of God’s leading. These people do not like a certain action and somehow get the feeling that they get to say what other believers are to do forgetting that they are not the leaders of the church or that God may want them in certain positions for his purpose.

Here’s the deal America: when are we going to wake up and see that violence is a crazy animal that cannot be contained? When will we open our eyes and realize that our justification of violence at every turn, and our use of violence as a response to violence, only keeps the entire cycle moving like clockwork?

The owner of that website forgets that God uses ‘violence’ to achieve his purpose whether it be war, disease, or even punishment. Then he needs to learn and understand that Jesus did not overturn one act of ‘violence’ God used in the OT nor did he condemn his father for such acts. Nor did he overturn capital or corporal punishment.

If that guy wants to be a pacifist, and avoid violence then that is fine. But it is a different matter when you impose your will on others and over God’s will for their life. God calls people to certain tasks, duties that he will not call others to fulfill thus we need to be wise in these matters and stop saying that your calling is everyone’s calling. If you do not like violence then do not do it but do not condemn and judge others for their righteous use of that option just be prepared to have words of God ready when such people need comfort and help. Saying ‘ I told you so ‘ does not help in these situations.

#4. Why is it?

So I ask for grace—from the communities that now receive me and from the one that first taught me what that word means.

that all those people who have left the Christian faith and adopted alternative beliefs  or decide to support sin demand that everyone else give them grace?  Grace does not exist to enable people to remain in false teaching or to continue to disobey God. Grace exists to help those who are changing from sin to new life, aiding them when they make am mistake but it is not a reinforcement of one’s alternative beliefs.

Grace is there to allow people to know that there is still hope when one falls from the narrow path in order so that they can pick themselves up and dust themselves off , and continue to walk in the life Jesus wants. Grace is not an excuse to allow false teaching into the church or to allow disobedience to God and his word. Nor does it provide justification to alter God’s word to allow selfish desires to reign. No grace exists to help us to the truth, live the truth and to grow in the Christian life.

Its existence tells us that God is not a zero tolerance God but a God who gives plenty of chances for his followers so they can get the Christian life right. Let’s not abuse grace nor ask to have it used improperly.

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