We Have A Confession (and other tidbits)

21 Dec

#1. Finally after over 3 decades of being involved in evolutionary discussions, writings, reading etc, one evolutionist has finally said what we creationists have known for some time now– they are making it all up. The person who finally gave it all up is Chris Impey in his book How It Began.

Here is what he has to say:

There are indisputable examples of astronomical phenomena depicted at Lascaux, but as in all the cases where no written culture survives, we’re guessing at the intentions of our distant ancestors. (pgs. 7 & 8)

I have stated this fact many times over the years and have always been shouted down by the many evolutionary supporters but now I and many other anti-evolutionary people are vindicated.

#2. On page 16 from the same author and book as #1, we have the following words:

A chance encounter 4.5 billion years ago played a significant role in making the earth hospitable for advanced life.

So it really isn’t science that evolutionists are relying upon to build their version of the past. It all happened by chance but isn’t chance something that science and scientists hate?It is amazing how secular scientists will appeal to the very fields they oppose to ensure that their theory works. Here it is chance, in other areas of science it is the pseudo science of fortune-telling though they prefer to call it predictions which are used to support an unsupportable idea.

#3. I have decided that when I come back I will probably limit my work on here to the weekends. I was just burning out by producing so much material prior to my sabbatical so this may be the best option for me.

In fact I may come back earlier than anticipated as the weekends get long as I am not allowed to do very much for another 6 weeks. Time will tell.

#4. I am sure you have heard the news about Herod’s desert palace. If not you can read about it here:

Archaeologists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology have discovered a monumental entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace at the Herodium National Park. The unique complex was uncovered during excavations by The Herodium Expedition in Memory of Ehud Netzer over the past year, as part of a project to develop the site for tourism. Photo of unique palace entry complex discovered at Herodian Hilltop Palace by Hebrew University archaeologists.

#5. I am sure you have heard of Jacobovici’s latest venture into archaeology. If not, here is a link to one of the more recent critiques of his book

Rather, Charlesworth is clear. He echoes well-known scholar, Dr. Robert Cargill, in essentially saying The Lost Gospel is neither lost nor a gospel.

#6. It is hard to tell if Joel Watts is being serious with this piece

You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant,” England said…

but it just continues to prove that scientists will accept any theory no matter how absurd, if the theory does not contain God. Many scientists want ‘to do science’ yet they have been deceived. They think that science must come up with natural answers and natural sources to explain different events. That is far from the truth and that fields original purpose.

Science is supposed to hunt for the truth, including pointing to the supernatural when it is called for. But since the true owner of science has had his authority usurped by secularists, those fields of research have been corrupted and detoured to fight against God instead of proving God and his creative work.

#7. Joel Watts makes another religious claim in the following post

In a recent conversation, the term “evangelical” was mentioned. Admittedly, I am not a fan of this term even though I know many who claim to hold are not evangelicals in the historic sense of the word. Rather, many who hold it have slid into fundamentalism where biblicalism has become boisterous literalism.

I am not a fan of the different religious labels for those who claim to be Christian and who truly are Christians. Why? because they disguise too many false teachers and fool believers into listening to and accepting false teaching.  I prefer to go with the biblical labels– believer, unbeliever, for God, against God and other similar terms we can draw from scripture.

Why? Because it avoids confusion and helps us to spot false teachers and teachings far more easily. It also allows us to prepare good spiritual defenses for those people who want to bring sin into the church. God’s terms help us draw the line so we know when we have crossed into forbidden territory and allows us to see clearly how we can make amends and get back on the right side of God.

People either believe or do not believe God. They are either on his side or they are not. There is no grey area with God and he clearly made that point when he said “you are either for me or against me.” Let’s put down the labels which confuse everyone and make clear identifications so everyone will know where we stand.

#8. When people do not believe, they come up with creative, subtle ways to attack the very foundations of the faith they claim to be still a part of even though they disagree with much of the religious text that faith follows (The Bible). Here is yet another person rejecting much of scripture and trumpeting his sin and unbelief

All his work represents is another attempt to say that man has greater morals and moral values than God.  it is another weak and thinly disguised attempt to get sin into the church and destroy the very book we need to guide us. There is no such thing as progressive christianity. There is only the same faith that Abraham to Moses to David to Joseph to the apostles to us have had. it doesn’t change because the truth doesn’t change.

If someone wants a progressive faith then they are saying that they do not want the truth nor to follow God or what Jesus taught. They are saying they want a faith that they design and that they do not care what God wants for his kingdom.

#9. Just more false teaching being presented as truth from God

Do not praise your own faith so exclusively that you disbelieve all the rest. If you do this, you will miss much good. Nay, you’ll fail to realize the real truth of the matter: God, the omnipresent and omniscient cannot be confined to any one creed, for he says in the Qu’ran, ‘For wheresoever you turn, there is the face of Allah.’ Everybody praises what he knows. His God is his own creature, and in praising it, he praises himself. Consequently, he blames the beliefs of others, which he would not do if he were just– but his dislike is based on ignorance.

Little does the author know that such words are meant to deceive and lead people away from the truth in God and the Bible. This is the reason why we have so many false accusations that the biblical authors copied from ancient religions. The readers fall into the trap of deception and think the truth is an actual part of the false belief and do not realize that those few good words are placed there like honey is placed to trap bears or bees.

False beliefs copy from the true one, not vice versa. Exodus 7:8-12

#10. I have not said anything about the Exodus movie because everything that can be said about it has already been said.

I do not need to add my discontent with secular movie makers who demand that believer shave to be honest when dealing with secular subjects while refusing to be honest with Christina ones.

#11. Presenting evidence is more than presenting some expert’s subjective opinion on a given topic. Yet so many people think that is all they have to do to make their point seem to be the truth

Though I agree that the name on a list doesn’t mean that Bonhoeffer participated in a conspiracy against Hitler but then it doesn’t prove he didn’t either.  When an expert, who has never met the man they are an expert on,never discussed ideologies or topics together then it is hard for that expert to claim what that man would have done or not done under the given circumstances.

A few years ago we had a preacher’s wife take a shot-gun and killed her husband even though she never exhibited violent tendencies or mental illness prior to that day and while demonstrating a good Christian attitude throughout her life up to that moment.We cannot say what Bonhoeffer really did based upon a name being on a list.

I would like to think that he didn’t participate because that would destroy his primary work The Cost Of Discipleship and I would hate to see that effort tarnished by some misguided idea that he had to help kill another man,no matter how evil he was.

#12. I have been participating in a discussion on this thread

and what I have said is that it is okay to ask questions but it is what you do with the answers that is important. if you reject the truthful answers then do not expect the church world to welcome you with open arms. But the group found at that website think that they should be allowed into the church along with their sinful ideas and practices.

They feel that they should be allowed to bring false teaching into the church then thanked for doing so. They are so deceived and wrong. if you are going off the rails and into false ideology then it is up to you to repent of that error and get right with God. It is not up to the church to embrace you and smother you with your idea of the word ‘love’. The church needs to remain faithful to the truth and God thus they will ask/request/demand that the unrepentant one leave their midst. They are under orders of God to do so.

Sin is excluded from the church and that includes false teaching/ideologies.

#13. Expect trouble if you are going to proclaim something God did not proclaim then say it is of God. Though I disagree with ‘hate mail’ especially those letters that talk about doing some sort of criminal or sinful act towards the offender. Christians should be above such gutter level demeanor.

If you speak out against something, make sure you have it right, you have the truth, you say it with love and make sure it is in line with what God teaches in the Bible. For example, people have been going on and on about racism and its existence in the church. BUT there is no such thing as racism.

Since we are all descended from Adam and Eve, there is only ONE race of people thus the term racism does not apply to the problems we face in the world when different colored people interact in an unruly manner. What we are seeing is a bias against skin color, a bias against different nationalities, or appearance but no racism is involved at all.

Then expect hate mail when you promote and support sin and call evil good. It is not the fault of the church if they react negatively towards your promotion of what God has declared wrong. That is how they are supposed to act. It is you who have to examine your points of view and if they are contrary to God’s word then it is up to you to change them. The church does not have to change if it is truly following God when they ask you to leave because of your support of sin.

Sadly, the people at that website do not get this and expect the church to change from God to evil just because they cannot bring themselves to accept God’s ways.

#14. Don’t confuse the present state or even the past state of the world with how God set it all up.

This is how God has set up the world, so don’t talk to me about blessing and curses, rewards and punishments.”

God did not set up the world where suffering and sin prospered or even existed. If Mr. Enns would go back to Genesis he would see that God had set up an earthly paradise where no crime, no suffering, no fear, and so on existed at all.  it was mankind that ruined it all. God said ‘it was all good’ not ‘it needed some work’.

Don’t blame God for earth’s less than heavenly condition. Not only did Adam and Eve sin but people sin every day and God’s word, the one which Mr. Enns has decided to ignore and change, tells us how to avoid sin and reach paradise.Then don’t blame God with having a bad plan when it is humans who refuse to follow that plan:

My point is that this sort of honest and even unnerving grappling with “what in the world God is up to and why should any of us bother with this God who lays out a plan that doesn’t seem to work in the day to day world” is all over the OT.

But it is easier to blame God than take responsibility for our own decisions and mistakes. We would rather accuse God than say we were/are wrong.

#15. If you are going to test the two-way street of tolerance, then you should make the request realistic and not inflammatory

Blogger Theodore Shoebat, of, wanted to see if the same level of tolerance that Christian business owners who belive in traditional marriage are required to abide by is also being exemplified at bakeries that advocate for same-sex marriage.

Shoebat set off on a video experiment where he called 13 bakeries, which are all either known as gay-owned bakeries or bakeries that strongly support gay marriage, and told them that he was hosting a pro-traditional marriage celebration and that he needed a cake that says “gay marriage is wrong.”

If you are going to test tolerance at least make the request similar in nature that Christians are being vilified for.  I am sorry but I have to agree with the same-sex bakeries on this one. This isn’t testing tolerance but antagonizing sinful people and it doesn’t demonstrate a true test for equal tolerance.

Now if he had gone into those shops with a reasonable request for a wedding cake for a heterosexual celebration then he may have used a true test to see if tolerance was going both ways. But as it stands, he just went in and insulted a group of people

He found that all of the bakeries refused to make him the cake with those words written on top.

As a heterosexual and an anti-same-sex advocate so would I  if I owned a bakery. Those four words are just wrong to place on a cake meant for a joyous and happy celebration of two people uniting to become one.

Christians need to be above such behavior and they should check with God first before they act to make sure they do not bring harm to his cause, his church or his people.

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