All You Need Is Love

13 Dec

I am not back but while I am recuperating from knee surgery i wanted to write one post just to help pass the time.

This song was playing in the doughnut shop I was in this morning and it struck me that the authors of the lyrics probably didn’t understand what the word love really means. The sad thing is many people claiming to be Christian or who truly are believers do not understand what the word means either.

For most people it holds the meaning of blind support for whatever endeavor a person undertakes, blind acceptance of a person in that they can be unrepentant sinners and their practice of sin will be accepted unconditionally and so on. People do not understand what love entails for while love does accept people and offer some support it does not do so blindly nor does it lead the one offering love to sin against God or disobey his words.

Many people think that love is some generalized good feeling blanket that is going to make everything okay and no matter what they believe or do they expect this feel good attitude from almost everyone they meet (for sake of this argument). In other words, they want their attitudes, beliefs and practices affirmed not corrected, criticized, and so on. They want to pursue their objectives and agendas opposition free.

But that is not what love is.  It is far more than what people want it to be and to use the homosexual community as an example,they want love to allow them to remain in sin and tell them that they are normal and okay even though they are not. Love has many duties to perform.

First, love does accept and support, provide a safe environment and so on. Those are some of its primary duties which are usually found in one’s family members.

Second, love warns. When people are about to make a mistake or some danger is lurking up ahead, love does not turn a blind eye and say, ‘we wish you well’ and ‘good luck, we are behind you all the way.’ Love warns about the upcoming dangers and mistakes. Love tries to save people and keep them from getting into trouble.

The actions of love in this case should not be confused with a hate crime because hatred i snot its motivation but a desire to see a person be safe and free from harm.  Telling an unrepentant sinner that their ways are going to lead them to trouble or destruction is not a hate crime but an act of love.

Third, love does offer criticism and asks the right question to ensure the speaker knows that the other person knows what they are doing and do not need any help. Love will offer aid when it is needed but it won’t do so blindly.

Fourth, love instructs, for it knows that isolationism is not protection but that correct instruction protects far better than keeping people in a bubble.  Love teaches correctly, preparing the person for what they will face when they go off on their adventures in life. We do not leave people ignorant or incapable of meeting the foe in battle.

I wonder if John Lennon or Paul McCartney had this in mind when they wrote that song? or if they had the prisoners of the then cold world Soviet Russia in mind thinking that all those people needed to get out of their troubles was love?

I live across the river from North Korea. My home is about 5 minutes from that river and when I drive to it I can see the southernmost villages of that country without any aid. If there was a bridge across the river at that point I could be in those villages in approx. 10 minutes and as I was driving the river highway after hearing that song, I wondered about how the North Koreans would do if they had heard that song. I wondered if all the prisoners of the prison camps needed was ‘love’ to be released from their torture and confinement?

How would the North Korean government officials apply the term love? Would they say that they are loving their prison camp confinees back to the North Korean totalitarian way of life? Love can be very subjective and misapplied in many ways even to support sin and crimes against humanity.

Love is more than a good feeling. Love is also more than the above. Love takes the right action with God’s help to solve the problems of others in the correct manner that will bring glory to God. We do not judge, condemn, falsely accuse and so on but seek to love God by dealing with others as he taught and commanded, with his love as our guide.

Love also guides our loyalty. If we say we love God, then we do not do not allow others to lead us to violate that love. This means that we do not call sin good, we do not allow unrepentant sinners into the leadership or advisory positions of the church nor do we abandon God because our loved one has decided that Christianity is not for them. Nor does our love for God lead us to alter God’s word to appease those who refuse to accept and obey them

Love does not misrepresent but tells the truth even though the result may hurt us in the end. That hurt could be watching a loved one walk away from the faith, take up perversions, or could be in the form of martyrdom we just never know but one thing is for sure, we need to make sure our love for God is more than lip service and we need to be ready to bear the pain because others reject that opportunity to love God as deeply.

If love were all we need, then we would not need preachers, teachers, evangelists, spiritual doctors and so on, love would do it all and we wouldn’t have to worry for their would be no crime, no dictators and so on. We do need God’s love but we also need that love to motivate us to study, to learn, to work and to do God’s will.

Love is only one part of the Christian life and our love for God should motivate us to achieve great things for God. Currently, the people of North Korea need love to motivate believers to pray and act as God leads so that they can be rescued from their hellish life and imprisonment.  Most of those people are innocent victims and did not ask for that enslavement. Love works to protect innocent blood and the innocent encompasses more than just unborn children.

Let the real love lead you to learn from God and work to follow the HS to the truth for so many people depend upon what you do in your Christian life.

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