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21 Nov

This may be the last examination of the ideology of this supposed Christian scientific research group and it will look at its views on the first humans. All quotes will come from this page:

#1. What scientific evidence do we have about the first humans?

The fossil record shows a gradual transition over 5 million years ago from chimpanzee-size creatures to hominids with larger brains who walked on two legs.  Later hominids used fire and stone tools and had brains as large as modern humans.  Fossils of homo sapiens in east Africa date back nearly 200,000 years.  Humans developed hearths for fire, stone points for spears and arrows, and cave paintings by 30,000 years ago.

The truth is there is NO scientific or other evidence for the first humans. we do not know how Adam and Eve and their family lived or what tools or material possessions they owned and so on. There have been far too many ancient societies in between them and us to discover anything about the first humans. The above quote is detailing a secular alternative history which is nothing but a lie. The fossil record shows no such detail which is all read into the few fossils we find. None of the fossils show any transition in process or any evidence of transition thus there is no evidence supporting that view.

 By 10,000 years ago, humans had spread throughout the globe.  Genetic studies support the same picture

This is genetics supporting scripture except for the time frame. Since most scientists dismiss the flood and maintain a continuous uninterrupted descent of man, their assumptions are off as is their research. You cannot come to a truthful conclusion if you are not using the truth in your work.

Genetics also tells us that the human population today descended from more than two people.

This is also not true, it is the reasoning of unbelieving scientists who do not use fact but assumption in their work. Why a supposedly Christian organization would adopt and adhere to such unbiblical teaching, then turn around and claim they are Christ-like is beyond me. I do know why though, it is because they believe secular science over God and consider secular science to have the truth while God and the Bible do not.

Yet all humans, of all races, are descended from this group.

There is only one race of people which the Bible clearly teaches and genetics backs this teaching up. Genetic research may claim to support the idea in the quote but in reality it doesn’t. You just have to look beyond the surface to find the truth.

#2. How could humans have evolved and still be created in the “Image of God”?

The meaning of the “image of God” has been debated for centuries in the church.  A common view is that the image of God refers to the human abilities that separate us from the animals.  However, scientists have found that abilities like communication and rationality are also present in animals on a basic level… Both of these theological positions are consistent with scientific evidence.  Whether God created humanity through a miracle or through evolution, God gave us our spiritual capacities and calls us to bear his image.

The subject of the image of God is beyond science’s scope. Since the field is permeated with unbelievers there is no hope for any scientist understanding anything about the image of God or what it is. We also do not go to unbelieving scientists to understand biblical and supernatural matters. That would be disobedience to God’s word about walking in the counsel of the ungodly and other scriptures talking about how deceived the unbelieving world is. we also do not have to be ‘consistent with scientific evidence’ for that field is in over its head as the topic of the image of God is beyond its scope and authority.

Science has no say in this matter as God does not present us with any scientific clues to determine what he means by that phrase. This is a classic example of those in science being too arrogant as they think they are the final determiners of what God has said and made. Science needs to be put back in its proper place and the borders re-inforced so it can’t get out again. Secular science is a tool for evil to deceive the world.

#3. Did death occur before the Fall?

Humans appear very late in the history of life.  The fossil record clearly shows that many creatures died before humans appeared.

The supposed fossil record is not the standard we are to use to verify when death actually entered into the world. That human constructed idea is not infallible, omniscient or incorruptible and it is not even be close to being correct. It also says God is wrong and secular science and scientists are right.

However, the curse of Genesis 3 was that Adam and Eve, not the animals, should die for their disobedience.

Scripture does NOT make this distinction. At no time does the Bible imply that the animals were under a different rule concerning life and death. This is just a bad twisting of scripture to allow alternative believers to accept alternative views.

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned (Rom. 5:12 NASB)

You will notice that the whole world is affected by Adam’s sin. For the people of BioLogos they need to produce those verses of scripture which supports their view not twist what doesn’t. There is no biblical teaching to use the fossil record to indicate when death entered the world so why is BioLogos appealing to faulty teaching instead of the Bible to make their point?

#4. How does original sin fit with evolutionary history?

Evolution does not raise questions about our current state of sinfulness.  It does, however, raise questions about how and when the first sin occurred, and how this fallen state was transmitted to all people.  The sciences of evolution and archaeology can provide some insight into these questions but are not equipped to answer them.  These questions are theological,

So now when they can’t answer a question scientifically they throw the ball back into the Bible’s or theology’s court. The truth of the matter is, if evolution were true there would be no sin, no death, no law, no right or wrong because there is no source for all those aspects of life in that theory. if evolution were true there would be no God and no holy standard to judge our behavior by or to declare what is or isn’t sin. Evolution and archaeology cannot provide any insights into this matter because they are not equipped to provide any information on the issue. The Bible has said when sin took place and how thus we do not need science, evolution or archaeology weighing in on the topic.

This is the main problem for alternative believers. Once they alter the biblical text they alter the answers and leave themselves with a big void to fill.  Their answers come from non-existent situations because life did not originate as they claim. Life originated as God said in Genesis 1 and we have sin and death coming into life in Genesis 3. Very clear, simple and concise. God provides answers where science and scientists fail.

The other problem for alternative believers is that they are placing their eternal destinations on the words of a very sinful, corrupt, easy to manipulate, fallible field of research which does not care about them at all. That is not rational, logical or even a good use of common sense. Science is not God, does not have a paradise waiting for them, no plan of salvation for its adherents, can do no miracles, help people in times of trouble yet people flock to its conclusions and take them over God’s true words found in the Bible.

The only rational and logical people in the world today are true believing Christians. They have taken the only course of action that makes sense–they believe God and the Bible.

#5. Were Adam and Eve historical figures?

Genetic evidence shows that humans descended from a group of several thousand individuals who lived about 150,000 years ago.  This conflicts with the traditional view that all humans descended from a single pair who lived about 10,000 years ago.

Of course genetic evidence will say otherwise because those people using the evidence are not believers and are not looking for the truth or to support God’s word. The genetic scientist is wrong on this issue, Adam and Eve were real historical people and all men descended from them.

While Genesis 2-3 speaks of the pair Adam and Eve, Genesis 4 refers to a larger population of humans interacting with Cain.

The thing about Cain, Abel and Seth is that the Bible does not tell us their exact birth order. In other words, they may not have been #s 1, 2 & 3 children born in the world. Adam and Eve could have had previous children who in turn started to reproduce before Cain killed Abel. We also do not know their age at the time of the killing, by the time Cain killed Abel there may be many children running around who would get angry at Cain and seek revenge.

Science cannot tell us anything about the past humans because their information is lost. We do not have the DNA codes of the pre-flood world so we cannot verify any claim the secularist makes, nor can their genetic studies be considered valid as they are missing far too much pertinent and vital information.

Jesus said, if you do not believe Moses how will you believe me? (John 5 paraphrased) The BioLogos Foundation has shown repeatedly that they do not believe Moses so we must ask how can they consider themselves Christian? If people like BioLogos do not believe God in the book of Genesis then how can we expect them to believe what God says in the New? If God lied or altered the truth in the OT then how can we be sure he did not alter anything in the NT?

Clearly, BioLogos people do not believe God but take science over him thus we can easily come to the conclusion that that organization and its members (most of them) are not Christian but seeking their own or secular man’s ideas, then making God and the past out of their image and not the truth of God. They are not representing God as God has represented himself but they are representing a different god who is not the God of the Bible. They have nothing to do with the Christian God or Christianity.

If you want to be considered a Christian then you need to repent of holding to false teaching and follow the Hs to the truth. Anything that disagrees with the Bible or alters its message is false teaching. Galileo in his discovery in that quoted situation did not disagree with the Bible or alter its message/meaning thus he was not presenting false teaching but helping people to clearly understand what God had said. BioLogos and its people are disagreeing with the Bible and altering its message/meaning thus they are holding to and presenting false teaching.

Their work and words are to be dismissed and these people removed from any true Christian congregation until they repent of their sinful ways. Science is not the christian authority, the Trinity & the Bible are. Science is a mere tool not a supreme being which over-rules God.

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