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20 Nov

This is a continuation of the examination of the beliefs of the Biologos Foundation. The information addressed will be taken from 2 different webpages of that group’s website with the first from;

#1. What Is Evolutionary Creation?

This is the question asked on the home page and it leads one to the page linked above. There are problems with their answers

The BioLogos view holds that both Scripture and modern science reveal God’s truth, and that these truths are not in competition with one another

The issue with this view is simple, the Bible, God and Jesus never said that science reveals God’s truth. In fact, Jesus clearly stated that we are to follow the HS to the truth and the fields for that information was not limited to science only. In John 14 & 16  jesus tells us that the unbelieving world cannot get to that truth because they cannot receive the spirit of truth thus taking any ideas from the secular world and marrying them to scripture would not be finding the truth but adding lies to scripture.

Evolution, any version, is an alternative to the truth

Proponents of evolutionism believe every aspect of life will one day be explained with evolutionary theory.

Yet we already have that explanation and it is found in Genesis 1. Why would any true believer find it necessary to work on and produce contradicting information to God and his revelation? Why would they want to make their God out to be a liar incapable of communicating to his people what he really did. Then insult them by allowing unbelievers to discover his true work?

The BioLogos view celebrates God as creator…Theistic Evolution, therefore, is the belief that evolution is how God created life.

BUT that is in direct contrast to God’s own words, so why do they hold to such beliefs then claim they believe and follow God? Clearly they do neither. How could he call his creation good, when he allows them to develop from a imperfect form and maintains them in an imperfect form till they die? Why would a perfect God create imperfect life forms then let them struggle till they get to the finished product? That is not describing a loving God but a sadistic one.

I think those are enough questions to generate real food for thought on their stated beliefs. I want to spend the majority of time on their reasons why Christians should accept their alternative views over God’s word.

#2. Why Should Christians Consider Evolutionary Creation?

This is the question on the home page  right under the one above and it leads you to this webpage:

and they have 7 reasons to answer that question. I cannot go into full detail here but will address the main issues only.

 -We at BioLogos understand that these issues can be difficult, but we believe the church is called to consider evolutionary creation

This is found in the first paragraph under the title of the same name as the question above and it tells us Biologos’ idea why Christians should consider evolution creation but it does not list one reason from God or the Bible to do so. If you read this belief you will see that they use the word ‘called’ as if there is some inspired and divine definition on the word.  Instead it just exposing the misguided thinking on the part of the people of Biologos. The church is called to find the truth not follow after Christianized secular ideas.

At no time does either God or Jesus call the church to go against their teaching or words. There is absolutely NO biblical support for that ‘call’ in that quote. neither Jesus nor God spoke of an evolutionary process for origins so why would the people think the church was called to consider such an alternative? Both spoke of creation not evolution and Jesus tells us that if it were not so, He would have told us. Of course, he was speaking about heaven but why would he speak the truth about heaven yet lie or maintain a lie about origins?

-Considering evolution helps us understand God’s creation

This is a weak excuse to justify considering accepting and following a lie of satan. Evolution does not help us understand God’s creation because evolution never existed and life did not develop as evolutionists have declared. Science should be helping us find the truth about plant life, the animal world  and so on, not leading us away from the truth given in the Bible. We understand creation by learning the truth not by replacing it with secular thinking and theories.

Thus we believe that God created every species and did it in such a way that we can describe the creation process scientifically

This is not what God said. Explaining something scientifically was not God’s goal for his followers. Learning and telling the truth is. We do not have to explain the world scientifically for that explanation not only diminishes God but lies about him. We explain creation exactly as God told us–he spoke and it was. That creation was a supernatural act done by a God so powerful that all he needed was words and by a God who did not hide the truth from his followers. You want to understand creation then learn and tell the truth. Science will not help in that objective. Creation is not under its pervue and it has no authority on the issue of origins.

– Considering evolution helps us understand the Creator God

No it doesn’t. What considering evolution does is remake God and present a false picture about him. No longer is he the one and only true God where nothing is more powerful than him but he becomes a sadistic being who can’t create a perfect product and then lies about it. Any form of evolution makes God out to being a Being in need of a savior. What Biologos does is tell us that they cannot handle the concept of a perfect God and must make him after their image in order for them to believe in Christ.

-Considering evolution helps the Church confront atheist worldviews

No it doesn’t. We do not confront lies with more lies. The church can confront atheistic worldviews just fine with Genesis 1 and the rest of the truth found in the Bible. God wants us to tell the truth not reshape secular lies and feed them back to them. Why would unbelieving people want to believe in a God who copied Darwin’s thinking? They need more of a God than that to help them with their lives. Then if these people believe, why would they continue believing in God once they found out the truth that God didn’t use evolution but used his supernatural power?

All this says about the church is that it will say anything to et people to sit in their pews.

Evolution is not rightly a philosophy or worldview: it is a scientific model that describes the patterns and rules we see in God’s creation of life—much as gravity describes the interaction he has ordained or planets and stars, or as quantum mechanics describes the relationships between elementary particles of matter.

Except the model is wrong and it cannot verify one thing it claims about God or his creative act. There is no proof that gravity helped construct the planets, galaxies, solar systems and so on. it is all mere speculation because scientists do not want to believe that God has the power to speak these things into existence. They also have no reason why God would use these different process when he has the power to create as he did in Genesis 1. There are no spiritual lessons taught by an evolutionary model as there is in Genesis 1.

The above quote is just trying to Christianize secular theories which is in contrast to biblical teaching. so why would God use processes hypothesized by unbelievers when the Bible tells us not to walk in their counsel and that the unbelieving world is deceived? Why would God encourage disobedience to his word?

-Considering evolution helps Christian students to remain strong in their faith

Again, no. This is another very weak excuse to justify one’s continued disobedience to God and support their lack of faith in his word. How can a Christian remain strong in the faith when they believe lies and the Bible tells us Satan is the father of lies? Evolution puts God on par with evil not holiness. God also said to use faith but how can one use faith when they are being told to follow physical evidence that has no hope of being verified or has nothing to do with creation? The Bible tells us that God cannot lie so why is Genesis 1 in the Bible when he did not create that way?

If ‘christian’ evolutionists say that the human biblical authors changed his words then where are God’s preserved word, something he promised to do, telling us and everyone the truth? To accept the ‘christian’ evolutionary stance then God had to either lie about his creative act or his promise to preserve his word. Just so you know, we have no ancient ms. anywhere in the historical record providing the evolutionary change to God’s word and showing it correct over Genesis 1. We do  not have any record of any discussion or argument over the two differences in ms. There is nothing in textual history pointing to this discrepancy. All ancient ms. have Gen. 1 as fact and its words do not change from the Dead Sea scrolls to our modern age.

This tells us that Gen. 1 is correct and the evolutionary model is the lie. You can only build a strong faith upon the truth not the lie.

-Considering evolution aids evangelism among scientists

We do not change the truth to win souls. We do not lie and the Bible tells us NOT to lie. Not only in the 10 commandments but also in the Pauline epistles. We do not bear false witness about God. scientists deserve to hear the truth just like anyone else. Evangelism i snot an excuse to alter what God said or what he actually did. If the scientist cannot accept the truth then that is their choice and their problem. We do not lie to further the cause of God’s kingdom. There is no biblical teaching to lie to scientists and what kind of God would we be leading them to if we lie about him?

-Considering evolution helps the church engage culture

We encounter or engage culture by being what God wants us to be–the light unto a dark world. We cannot be that light if we sin and lie. We would not be setting anyone free because we would not be presenting the truth, nor would we be following the HS but sinning. God is holy and demands that we be holy thus our engagement with culture must be with using the truth not some alternative that never existed. We represent a holy God who doe snot lie thus we cannot use a scientific alternative to further the cause of Christ. We follow the teachings of the Bible not those alternative believers who have rejected the truth in favor of scientific lies.

Every reason Biologos has produced to justify Christians to consider evolution results in the believer sinning and disobeying God. Those people are not friends to or of the church nor are they acting for the good of the church. They are friends of secular science and the secular world and are acting in their own best interests and their own good. They need to be rebuked, reproved, and chasitzed not supported, encouraged or praised.

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