Misguided Thinking

19 Nov

Two articles from the Huffington post will be addressed here.


#1. She didn’t want them anymore because I was gay,” Knapp recalled in a phone call to HuffPost. “I didn’t know this person, but this person knew something personal about me that they didn’t understand or didn’t agree with. So they threw me out.”

Homosexuals seem to want grace and love while still being allowed to practice their sin.  They want the good aspects of the Christian life even though they do not want to follow the rules on how to obtain those good benefits. They also fail to see the other side of the story. While the homosexual wants to be loved and accepted, they forget that the other side of the issue has personal beliefs, feelings, and rules to abide by. The homosexual wants the other side to make all the sacrifices while they make none.

In other words, homosexuals want Christianity to e a one way street their way and God doesn’t work that way. This issue is all about them and their desires, and they do not give any thought to anyone else’s or God’s desires.

#2. But she still had burning questions about who she was, and whether the faith she’d experienced in the past was in any way real. At moments when she least expected it, she found herself praying

The issue really isn’t about who one is or isn’t. It is about spiritual warfare and the deception evil brings to certain people. sexual preference is just one tool evil can use to destroy God’s creation thus Christians should be teaching their children correctly about sex and evil’s involvement in that area of life. This isn’t just limited to same-sex attraction but also to pre-marital affairs and other sexual sins committed by heterosexuals.

#3. Level Ground hopes to prove that people of faith can be both confident about their sexuality and unapologetic about their Christianity.

In other words, we want our cake and eat it too. They forget or ignore God’s position in order to pursue their own desires.

#4. Knapp, who will be performing this weekend, says doctrines about the presence of LGBT people in the church have been preached from the pulpit for too long. It’s time to democratize the conversation, she said.

Except that God’s kingdom is not a democracy.  God’s kingdom, God’s rules. Those preaching against homosexuality, et al, need to make sure that they have the rules correct before preaching against that topic. Those wanting homosexuality to be part of the church need to realize that God’s rules cannot be compromised and that they must be accepted and obeyed.

#5. Christian preaching from the pulpit has generally rejected LGBT legitimacy,” she said. “But now that a lot more people are coming forward, people are realizing that it’s much harder to reject your friend.”

A good friend would not allow their human friends to disobey God yet the homosexual seems to forget that ideal aspect of true friendship and want their friends to sacrifice their salvation just to allow their preference into the church. Obviously, the homosexual is not a good friend to the church, God or their human associates.

#6. Jeza Belle picked herself up and realized that “people put conditions on God’s love as if they speak for the Lord himself.”

We do not have to as God has already spoken about his feelings towards homosexuality, transgender and other alternative preferences. You will notice that the homosexual has no complaints about God’s prohibition against bestiality even though it receives about as many mentions n the Bible as homosexuality does.

#7. “I could either let other people define and determine my relationship with God, or I myself could have that relationship,” Jeza Belle told HuffPost. “Now, there’s not a thing that I do, no matter what clothes I put on, I’ll always be a child of God. It flows through everything I may be.”

Jesus said, ‘my sheep hear my voice’. Jesus never over-turned one law concerning homosexuality or transgender. Nor did he correct any Mosaic passage on the issue. it does matter what sexual preference one holds and what clothes they wear. if you want to be a child of God then you repent of your sins and obey God.

#8. The idea that some Christians put forth, to “love the sinner and hate the sin,” just won’t suffice anymore, Jeza Belle said.

The sinner is in no position to demand anything. They cannot rewrite God’s rules and the other side of the issue cannot disobey God’s rules and commands. The sinner, including the homosexual, must repent of their sins and become a new creation. They cannot hang on to their sin anymore.

#9. Who are we to judge one another?” she said. “We’re all sinners; none of us are God. … And if he made me, I can’t be that bad.”

God didn’t make alternative sexual preferences.he made heterosexual preference and called it good. He has clearly called homosexuality an abomination to him. By telling the truth to the homosexual, we are not judging but telling them the truth so that they can make intelligent decisions about their lifestyles. They also need to know where the boundaries are so that they know the difference between right and wrong

#10. We have a place in the church and in this conversation,” Rowe said. “People shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of their faith. And they shouldn’t be ashamed of the sexuality of the person sitting next to them, either.”

Yes we should be ashamed if we allow those who disobey God and mock his word in the church and claim that they are Christian when in reality they are unrepentant sinners. No the homosexual does not have a place in the church or this conversation because they refuse to repent of their sins and obey God. They want to change the rules instead. The only part of the conversation the homosexual belongs in is the part where they answer the question: whom do you serve? God or…?  If their answer is God then they need to give up their sin of alternative sexual preference. if the answer is not God then they need to give up any claims to being Christian, entrance into the church and God’s kingdom.

There is no middle ground here. The homosexual does not speak for God, the Bible has already done that. Now it is up to the homosexual to decide which is more important to them, God or their sexual preference.


#1.Referring to God as ‘Father’, ‘Lord’ and ‘King’ may have wider implications than people think.

Clemson University sociologist Andrew Whitehead has a new report out in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion demonstrating that people who believe in a masculine God are more likely to oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions.

There is only 1 God and he has identified himself as male and Jesus confirmed that by his reference to God as his father. Plus Jesus made it clearly known that God is our father as well.  It is who God is.

#2. The researcher found that respondents who hold traditional gender beliefs are generally unfavorable toward LGBT individuals because they see them as exhibiting traits of the opposite sex and subverting gender roles.

These are not traditional gender beliefs but biblical ones. The Bible tells us

For man [i]does not originate from woman, but woman from man; for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.  (1 Cor. 11 NASB)

There is a firm foundation here concerning gender beliefs. The LBGT community do subvert those biblical roles and has people pursuing relationships with their own gender, which the Bible has clearly stated as wrong. it is a right and wrong issue not a God as masculine one.

#3. Individuals who view God as masculine are signaling a belief in an underlying gendered reality that influences their perceptions of the proper ordering of that reality,” Whitehead writes.

The source for this attack on God’s identification as male is secular rendering anything he says as suspect. He doesn’t believe in God thus it is religion’s fault for the scorn and rejection heaped upon those who refuse to repent for their sins.

#4. Although Whitehead said he was unable to examine the effects of belief in a feminine God on same-sex marriage support, he did suggest that shifting away from a masculine image of God might move society “in a more egalitarian direction.”

So we are to reject God’s revealed identity and allow sin to abound. That is about the gist of his words right there. We are to do nothing to stop sin but alter the truth so those unwilling to change from sin to new life in Christ  can feel good about themselves.

People do not want to have right and wrong or morality anymore, especially when those standards are written by God. They prefer to do what is ‘right in their own eyes’ instead and that does not bode well for other members of society as law becomes meaningless as does justice and innocent people can be hurt.

God is masculine and he wrote his rules in the Bible. The trouble comes when those who want to feel like they are going to heaven do not want to adhere to God’s rules but try to change them to allow their unrepentant sinful desires to continue and be part of the church. They use a lot of misguided thinking to support their agenda and ignore the truth.

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