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30 Sep

#1 Under The Weather

I may take a few days off due to illness. It will all depend upon how I feel. Writing what i do and how I do it drains me and I take very little time to replenish my strength. So far it seems that my Korean English teaching days are over and I have been working on a seminar for pastors.

This seems to be the message I am getting from God. It also explains why I do so much writing on here. I have too much time on my hands.  It is disappointing in a way as I really enjoy teaching Korean public and middle school students.

Over the years God has answer my prayer about being a good teacher and has helped me to continue my education to higher levels. I would like to honor that  by speaking to pastors so that they can develop truly healthy local congregations.

I do not think I would make a great pastor and my reach would be so limited. In instructing pastors what God wants would get out to a lot more church people hopefully in time before they fall from the faith.

We shall see over the next little while.

#2. Archaeologists Just Do Not Get It

A recent excavation in Tel Motza, not far from Jerusalem, found what archaeologists believe to have been a ritual building – with clay figures of animals and men from the time of the First Temple, according to Israel’s Haaretz news site.  The find suggests that Iron Age religion in the area around Jerusalem may not have been monotheistic just before the time the Hebrew Bible – the basis of the Old Testament – started to be written.

We already know this and believers do not need archaeology to tell us this fact. The book of Judges beat them by about 3000 years.  The mentality of many archaeologists are just annoying. There have always been false gods in existence since the time of Noah but that doesn’t mean the Bible is wrong and that the Israelites were not monotheistic.

All this discovery tells us is that SOME Israelites rejected God and followed after false gods. It does nothing to imply that the majority of Israelites were not monotheistic. or it tells us that not all occupants of Israel were Israelites and they did not follow the Israelite God.

#3 Does He Want A Personally Engraved Invitation?–

So far today, God hasn’t told me, ‘Dean stop that, it’s a sin. I don’t want you to do that.’ Until he does that, I’m going to keep trying to help as many people as I can,” he told Barcroft.

He is talking about swinging, threesomes etc. You can read it at the link.  I guess he doesn’t read the Bible for God already said it was wrong. Many people think that God has to talk to them personally before they will consider something sin.

They do not realize that God has already done that and he recorded his words in the Bible. The above case would fall under the sexually immoral part of the scriptures.

#4. Trivializing God’s Instructions

Lopez and co-pastor Danny Quintanilla created drive-thru prayer for anyone who’s in a rush and feeling life’s stresses, but may not attend a place of worship.

I think the words ‘drive-thru’ say it all.

#5. Please Have The Integrity & Character To Resign

Members of the Westminster community received a curious invitation recently to attend a retirement celebration for Bruce Waltke. This invitation is something that has caused many to scratch their heads and ask why?

Along with the honesty. If you no longer believe God or the Bible do not remain in a place that finds such alternative views wrong. Scholarship does not trump employment rules or employers especially when you are in the Church or its academic institutions.

The church is about teaching the truth to its people and students. It is not about accepting false ideas then teaching those as true to one’s people or students.  If a professor wants academic freedom then they need to go to an institution that does not believe God or his word. They should not stay and try to change the ones that do.

Not only is that not a very intelligent thing to do but it is a sin.

#6. 2 Things That Should Not Be Expensive

Syrian refugees are sharing stories of deep pain and loss, with over 3 million of them having fled to neighboring countries seeking protection from the devastating civil war that has torn their nation apart. One family that fled to Lebanon revealed how they lost their 5-year-old son to leukemia after they were unable to pay the fees charged by a local hospital

Food & medical care.  This is just my opinion but these are part of the basic needs of life and those involved in those industries should not be taking advantage of the necessities we have to have.

Medical practitioners and grocery stores would do well to follow– do unto others…

#7. Do We Really Need These Stunts??–

Rick Cole, pastor of the megachurch Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California has ditched the comfort of his home and has pledged to live on the streets of the city’s downtown area for up to two weeks or until he has raised $100,000 to help fund a program called “Winter Sanctuary” that provides food and shelter for the homeless at churches in the area during the winter months.

Why does the church resort to gimmicks when it should be focused on these needs already? Maybe he should raise funds to create jobs, pay off bills or meet some other need so people do not have to be homeless.

I can say this is a gimmick because he has a job to go back to and a home whereas the people he is trying to help have nothing. A little respect for them would go a lot further than this gimmick.

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