Metaphor Or Disbelief

Many people who accept alternatives or are honest about their unbelief in God try to tell others that many of the biblical events are purely metaphorical. How they came to this conclusion is convoluted and complicated to explain. Are there metaphors in the Bible? Of course and we can spot them quite easily as they … Continue reading Metaphor Or Disbelief


Why Have The Bible At All?

The following will look at 3 different articles that have a common theme to them. They all bring up the question, why have the Bible at all?  This question is asked because the three different authors question biblical teachings and want their own ideas to replace them. #1. The Number 5-- In our current … Continue reading Why Have The Bible At All?

A New Study

If you study archaeology or anthropology long enough you will read many 'new studies' conducted on old discoveries. Sometimes the new study does shed new light the old discoveries, other times they just muddy the waters and still other times they can point to possible biblical evidence. Take for example the latest new study on … Continue reading A New Study

Is Christianity Making People Leave The Faith?

James McGrath seems to think so as he continues to attack fundamental Christian beliefs. of course, he doesn't use the word Christianity, he uses the word 'fundamentalism. Why do people like McGrath make such distinctions? Because they want to continue to consider themselves Christian even though they do not believe God anymore. In the following … Continue reading Is Christianity Making People Leave The Faith?

Setting An Example

For the past few years bullying has been one of the major topics discussed in the news and politics. In fact the American government has at least one website dedicated to stopping bullying in the workplace and the schools: Bullying can affect you in many ways. You may lose sleep or feel sick. You … Continue reading Setting An Example

Much To Talk About- 51

#1. The Next Time Someone Says To You...-- Has it been published in a peer review magazine. Just show them this article on how easy it is to manipulate the system and ruin their precious criteria for legitimacy. Every now and then a scholarly journal retracts an article because of errors or outright fraud. … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 51

2 More Things

#1. The 'ah-ha moment' #6-- However, there was still a baseline assumption that for all of their “perceived” differences, these four Gospels could (and should) be harmonized. On the side, I had also begun reading the work of Alan Culpepper and the early NT narrative critics, an exercise that was contrasting sharply with my experience in … Continue reading 2 More Things

The Question Is…

Why is there so many people lending blind support to homosexuals and their selfish desires? This is not a discussion on the right or wrongness of homosexuality nor a debate about its sinfulness or not because everyone knows it is wrong and sin. There is no need to cover ground we all know and have … Continue reading The Question Is…

The Next ‘Ah-ha Moment’

You can find it at the following link This 'ah=ha' moment is a very common one and I say common because many people get hung up over the differences between Genesis 1 & 2. But even though it is common, it is important enough to deal with different points taken out of Chronological order. … Continue reading The Next ‘Ah-ha Moment’