Defending The Faith

Whenever someone presents an argument similar to the one linked below, there is a specific verse that defeats that argument. First the non-creation argument:

Young-earth creationists often adopt the dogmatic stance that they have unchanging truth, and that somehow the advances of science are something to be rejected rather than appreciated. And so, with some inspiration from Alasdair Crawfish on Facebook, I made the above image. Not all instances of failing to change or refusing change are praiseworthy.

Before we get to that verse, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The above argument is comparing apples with oranges. Technology has nothing to do with origins and to make a comparison like the one above is dishonest.

There is one verse that undermines all the arguments made against creation as recorded in Genesis 1.

in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised [b]long ages ago, (Titus 1 NASB)

Every argument against the Genesis 1 record is based upon the opposite  message that comes from that verse. Some use the theory that God had the biblical writers write in a manner where the ancient people could understand  and not record what He did exactly.

If God did that then he would have lied to the ancient people, which would have made that verse wrong and then Paul would have lied as well. Then if Paul lied he would have violated God’s command that he wrote himself in Colossians

[g]Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old [h]self with its evil practices, (ch. 3 NASB)

So if Paul lied about God and God lied about himself, how could we trust any other scripture in the Bible? It would make no sense to preach from any chapter of the Bible, including John 3:16-17, if God lied in Genesis and in Titus. Why preach from or believe a book that is full of lies?

It doesn’t matter which argument the OEC, Progressive Creationists, Theistic Evolutionists or Evolutionists present, they all depend upon God lying and that cannot happen.

There is no reason to labor this point because it cannot be said any plainer than this: If God lied, you do not have a God to believe in or follow. You have another being in need of a savior.

God hasn’t lied in any part of the Bible thus if you believe John 3:16-17 then you can and need to believe Genesis 1. Both are the truth.