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28 Jan

Dr. Del Ratzsch wrote a good book, The Battle of Beginnings,  on both sides of the creation/evolution issue and in the last post I quoted from it. Today I will quote more from it because he brings to the forefront important points that help us in understanding those who make the choices they do. The quotes will not be in any numerical order or order of importance.

#1. Understanding Why People Leave Genesis for Science.

Evolution, along with the new cosmologies and backed by the undentable prestige of science, became part of the gratifying sophisticated excuse for unbelief– a ticket out of an oppressive universe with a God who set boundaries and made demands, into one where we set the rules and the cosmos itself was the only limit. (pg. 7)

The bold words provide the answer to the question ‘Why do people stop believing God and the Bible. It is those few words that make evolution and other alternatives so attractive. It is easy to be the boss, it is another thing to be the humble servant

People want to be ‘free’ these days yet they do not grasp that their ‘freedom’ also enslaves them. By choosing to take the option that allows one to make their own rules, they have chosen to take the option that removes salvation, hope and eternal life from their lives. They become enslaved in darkness as the reject the only way out of their problems.

They think they are doing something rational, logical, intelligent and so on but in reality, they are being very foolish. But they are lured away by the promise of being able to make their own rules, and it is a very attractive offer. Unfortunately, they do not examine the whole picture because their minds have become clouded over the years by other problems and unsatisfactory answers and they just want to get out.

The ability to make their own rules gives people a sense of power and that is very attractive to a lot of humans. Many have led depressed lives, unable to make their own decisions, etc. and the chance for self-determination is too much of a temptation to pass up. Still others have a more reasons why they leave Genesis for evolution and they are not usually valid or sane.

Some try to keep salvation in their new constructions and rules but in reality, to make those work they have to rewrite the Bible and reconstruct God to do so. Alternatives do not work with the Bible as it is written thus a major rewrite is in order. Unfortunately for them, they have no ancient foundation to build upon thus their work is merely selfish desires as the sole motivation for their creative writing.

#2. The Majority Rules

Overton, in his 1982 decision striking down the Arkansas ‘balanced treatment’ legislation, adopted as a first approximation the position that science is whatever is ‘accepted by the scientific community.’ If that is all there is to it, then the old objectivity aim of science is in rather serious jeopardy. ( pg. 160)

So in other words, all creationists have to do is obtain a majority membership in the scientific community and change science to what they want it to be. This legal decision kind of does put pure science at risk as now changes the make-up of what science is.

No longer is it an independent field of study where ideas and theories can be explored, but now it is a field where if one has enough members, scientists get to say whatever they want because they have the majority behind them and their work.

We see that taking place as more and more people are siding with evolution and removing the morals of God from the field. They want freedom to explore and learn yet that freedom  is exactly what they condemned Dr. Mengele of Nazi fame for doing. (That is boiling it down to the common denominator)

Of course, most scientists today revile Mengele but they want the same freedom he possessed. Without an objective and superior moral boundary, Mengele is what many become. Freedom is not as good as some make it out to be.

Majority rule is very dangerous without some sort of superior moral force or set of rules to tell the majority when something is out-of-bounds and wrong.

#3. Are There Answers?

The upshot is that no theory can ever, even in principle, be proven conclusively true…In either case, we must give up the old claim that science presents us with objective proof of its theories. (pgs. 110 & 112)

If science cannot provide answers then what good is it?  Genesis provides answers making it far more important than science can ever be. One must then ask, why are we spending so much money and valuable resources on investigating origins, if science will never provide the answer?

At some point, the questions must stop and the answers are provided. Science has made itself of little or no importance to the common people because it has allowed itself to have its purpose altered and pointed in a direction that does not help people.

People want answers not more questions and secular science has failed in this regard. They keep claiming to be an authority over life yet it provides nothing to justify that claim. Science is not the final or ultimate authority, it is merely a tool to investigate and learn.

Sadly, that aspect has spun out of control and people have allowed science to rule their lives even though the scientific way is not the best way for other parts of life. What God did in Genesis was provide all the answers people needed. For example:

1. where did we come from?

2. Why are we here?

3. why are there so many languages?

And on it goes. All are answered in the first book of the Bible. Now God left us the tool of science to explore the world we live in and the universe BUT it was not intended to be used to re-invent origins or to cover up the answers. Science can be good, but it has to be done God’s way for it to reach its full potential.

People need answers not unprovable  and nonexistent theories.

#.4 Conclusion

You really need to read the book as it is very thought-provoking but there is one thing that wasn’t covered in the book that I will put here. In many of my discussions with pro-secular science people (yes there are two categories for science- secular and Christian), the pro-secular science crowd ends up saying that ‘all science is good science.’

That is not true but it is used to justify the work scientists do. Many pro-secular scientist people to support their views always point to the ‘good’ inventions of science– television, cars, computers, air conditioning and on it goes.

BUT they never even include in that list, all the bad things scientists have done and have invented– mustard gas, poisons, guns, bombs, drugs with fatal side-effects and so on.

They do not want to think about that part of the field because it destroys their image of it. To them science has become the ideal authority because it can be appealed to as a general authority over other aspects of life while yet remaining in the hands of humans so it can be changed to fit the cultural demands placed upon society.

God cannot be controlled and his ways are not man’s ways thus to them he is not something they want as an authority. The pro-science people want to be kings not servants, they want to make and give the rules instead of being the humble servant obeying them.

The exodus from Genesis to evolution is understandable, though very saddening. Power is a great temptation and one that is hard to overcome. But since we can pinpoint and understand the source of this exodus, we know how to pray o stop it and how to design our arguments against the secular world in order to defend humility and obedience to God’s word.

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