A Simple Question To Christian Men

This question is found in the book Summer for the Gods by Edward Larson. pg. 53. here it is:

Many of these letters were written by women, such as the one   asking, “What are mothers to do when unwise education makes boys lose confidence in the home, the Bible , the government and all law?

But let’s tweak it just a little and re-ask it:

What are wives, daughters and girlfriends to do when their husbands, boyfriends and fathers lose confidence, faith in the home, the Bible and all law?

Men are the spiritual leaders of the family, as they go so go their loved ones, (for the most part). If the husband, father or the boyfriend starts chasing after false teaching and pursuing worldly pleasures and forsake God’s teaching and morality then the unchristian influence takes its toll on the rest of the family.

Think about it. You set the tone.