Getting Perspective

Like millions of other children I watched the Brady bunch t.v. show growing up. It was a cute show that gave so many people a different perspective on family life. I am not going to make a case that it contained Christian principles and draw numerous analogies between that show and biblical teachings.

Many of the old shows (pre-1975) had morals to their themes, in fact Andy Griffith insisted on it for his show. The idea of Christianity in t.v. or movies is not new but there is something else a believer can get from viewing the odd t.v. show (I do not advocate regular watching of t.v. by the way).

What the believer can get is perspective of the non-Christian point of view. Maybe not the cast of character’s position on issues but certainly the screenwriter’s or some of the other people behind the scenes who had a hand in putting the film or show together. The actors, of course, are merely saying lines and may not agree with what they are reciting so thinking we get their views is a little tenuous.

I mentioned the Brady Bunch earlier because that is where today’s points are coming from. Just recently I came across an old movie of theirs called the Brady 500 and it was quite interesting. Not only the family closeness and support they had for each other but also for what I am about to talk about.

The first one comes near the end of the show at the wedding of the youngest boy, Bobby.  Florence Henderson is singing a song whose title I can only guess at, Don’t let this feeling end, is the main line and since I am not a song buff I am thinking this may be the title of the song as well.

As I was sitting there listening to the song, it dawned on me that this would be a great opening for a believer to use in talking to someone about Christ. The song is all about the songwriter wanting to continue a feeling they enjoy.

If I am not mistaken, this was the same song being played at John Wayne’s final Oscar appearance as well as he was showered with applause after making an appearance after having been sick with cancer the year earlier. He felt good and wanted that joy and gratitude to continue long after he left the stage.

The same for the people in the Brady household. The joy of the wedding, seeing their partially paralyzed son/brother marry a woman who showers him with unconditional love brought forth the desire to see that feeling continue long after the wedding, if not for the rest of time.

There is a way unbelievers can have that wish come true, and this is where the believer needs to be wise as all openings to the gospel are not the same, and that is repenting of their sins and turning to Jesus as their savior. The feeling of joy, peace and everything else about Jesus will continue long after the crowds stop applauding and the wedding guests go home.

It will continue on into eternity. People want to be happy, they want to feel good and only Jesus can bring those feelings in and keep them there. The Christian just needs to learn how to recognize such moments and how to present what Jesus has to offer in a way that is appealing to the unbeliever.

The second item I saw in this movie came in the ceremony and it was done by the preacher hired to conduct the ceremony. Now I have been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime and I have never seen this action done in any Christian or secular ceremony. I was impressed by it even though I am quite sure the scriptwriters had no belief in God or intended this little act to be a spiritual moment.

What the preacher did was call for the rings at the moment he was going to have the bride and groom recite the wedding vows. But instead of having the best man hand it to the groom and the maid of honor hand it to the bride, like it was just a simple human gift to each other, the preacher held out his Bible and had them place the rings on it.

Again I doubt the writers of the intended anything remotely close to what I am about to say or maybe they did hold a high view of marriage. Anyways, I looked at that simple act and drew the conclusion what a great way to show the bride and groom where their foundation is for their love of each other and for their marriage–on God’s word.

It is an act of humility as the bride and groom place their symbols of love for each other on the very book that brings us to real love. This act shows that the bride and groom recognize that their union needs something more than themselves and puts God’s word right where it should be, holding up their life together.

This is something that same-sex couples cannot do because they would be mocking God and his attitude about same-sex marriage. The homosexual couple doing this would be thumbing their nose at God and saying, ‘we do not care what you call our union, we are going to do it anyways and use your word to add insult to injury.’

Heterosexual couples can do this as the foundation for their union was made by God in the beginning. But the point is, I found that act very respectful of God and showing him that the bride and groom knew their place–not above God but in humble reverence to his word and will.

If you want to see what I am talking about here is a link to the movie and both take place near the end

Take a look for yourselves and think about my perspective on those two things. Getting perspective of where unbelievers are at is important in helping the believer approach the unsaved and living their lives in accordance to God’s word helps with the administration of the new perspective.