What Science Cannot Do

Unbelievers and those who claim to be Christian advocate that believers should give up their faith and follow science simply because it has an alternative idea to creation. I say give up their faith because that is exactly what they are doing when they say that science trumps God.

That is a very narrow piece of data to gamble one’s eternal soul upon. What about the bigger picture? Is science worthy of such worship and loyal following? It seems that science would have to be near perfect in order to require or demand such loyalty and status. Well let’s look to see if science is up to the task of being perfect or near perfect.

1. Science cannot–

stop aging

stop people from getting sick

stop people from dying

stop people from gambling

from lusting, stealing, being greedy, committing adultery, from lying  or sinning in general

provide eternal life

stop wars or murder, rape incest or molestation

stop reproduction

stop scientific hoaxes from taking place or correct them in a reasonable amount of time

stop earthquakes, tornadoes, tidal waves,  hurricanes, thunderstorms, or any other storm that exists in this world

stop boats from sinking, buildings from falling, erosion, droughts, and so on

see into the future or look back into the past,

measure the universe nor find the supposed common ancestor or the supposed original conditions that existed when life began

say when life began or how it did

stop pollution

stop global warming

i think you get the idea here.

2. Science hides–


failed predictions

failed experiments

the truth

the answers

and on it goes

Science seems to be inadequate at many things so 2 questions:

1. why are so many believers leaving God and the Bible for science when the latter is so incompetent and incapable?

2. Why are so many unbelievers NOT leaving science and going with God and the Bible?

They have put their faith in the wrong thing yet refuse to repent and return to the truth. Science isn’t that great and I have mentioned before that over 200,000 people die each year at the hands of medical science.

I would be amiss in my duties if i did not mention the countless millions who die at the hands of science each year. Wars take their toll and science has had a very large hand in making war possible. Scientists keep thinking up new and creative ways to kill humans and kill them they have through poisons, gases, weapons, bombs and even faulty fertilizer, pollution and other scientific ‘discoveries that were supposed to help the health of the people of the world yet did not.

If people want to make changes to their faith, they really should look at the whole picture and not the parts that sound good to them. Unbelievers are great at highlighting the supposed benefits of science but they are never honest as they do not tell about or compare their benefits to the drawbacks of scientific work.

They will say that thanks to science people live longer but they fail to mention all the deaths that occur each year because of science–more than 200,000 times the amount that occur by faith healing and we are not even approaching the subject of injuries that happen to people.

Atheists and unbelievers love to call God a mass murderer but they ignore all the murders committed at the hands of science and unbelievers.  The unbeliever has no honesty when it comes to comparing God with their own efforts.

There is no comparison between God and science. Science does not even enter the ballpark because it is so limited, lacks so much and is so incapable. Next time an unbeliever or someone claiming to be Christian tries to convince you to take your eyes off God or Jesus and put them on science, just dismiss their words and reject their points.

Science cannot hold a candle to God and is so inferior that it is ridiculous that people still bow down and worship it or take science’s word over God’s.




5 thoughts on “What Science Cannot Do

  1. I’m sorry, but that is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard.

    Aging: I don’t recall anyone saying science could stop aging.
    Getting Sick: can you say immunization?
    Not Dying: can you say CPR?
    Reproduction: can you say condom, or “the pill”?
    Moral issues: really? can your dog stop these things?
    Weather/Earthquakes: isn’t your dog responsible for these?
    Look Into the Past: can you say telescope?
    Abiogenesis: you are right, cant say for sure when or where, but can say it happened.

    Most of your arguments are common fallacies. Mostly, “Argument from Ignorance”, “False Equivalencies” , and lets not omit outright lies. This argument is riddled with holes. You have achieved nothing here worth noting. Except a big patting yourself on the back for thinking you have all of the answers. The answers you claim do not exist, are out there, it is up to you to become more educated on the matter. I strongly doubt you have the capacity to do it. It would require reading some actual fact based sciency stuff, and not the babble.

    Faith, believing that which has no evidence whatsoever to support it. Kinda like this blog post.

  2. I approved the previous two comments as people are free to disagree with me as long as they follow the rules. You can see for yourself their lack of thinking and cognitive ability when faced with opposing arguments. The first comment fails to take into account that contraceptives are not 100% foolproof or that CPR doesn’t always work.

    The second response was approved after I checked out the link and the author of that article continually shows the lack of dealing in reality from those who accept science as fanatically as that person does.

    Science cannot do anything for man that God does not allow. In other words, scienceis inferior to God and subject to him not vice versa. Science has no authority to declare anything and is not the last word on anything.

  3. You will notice that there is a 2nd pingback and that leads to the comment that my post was so wrong… it seems to me that the author of that comment has missed the point of my article which I stated very clearly in the first paragraph.

    There are many christians who have left their faith in God and sided with science over the issue of origins and the post was an examination of is science worthy of such loyalty, worship and following.

    Christians should not be throwing God and his word out because a few unbelievers have decided they cannot accept God’s word and advocate science over Genesis. Science has shown that it is incompetent at best and far inferior to God and his word. Yet many supposed Christians take what secular science claims over what the Most Holy God declares and reveals.

    Is that rational or logical? No. Is that smart? No. Secular science is run by men who do not want God thus whatever they claim is not found in the Bible and their conclusions should be dismissed. They are deceived people and in need of the light only Jesus can provide.

    They demand physical evidence but God does not humble himself to meet their demands; the secular scientist or secular science’s adherents are the ones who have to humble themselves and meet God’s criteria– which includes the use of faith.

    To take secular science over God’s word is sin for you are not believing God but doubting his word. No scientist or scientific tool can see into the past nor can they say what really took place because there is no evidence left for them to examine and see that they are correct.

    Their idea of origins is all assumption not fact.

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