I Agree For The Most Part

Jim West has actually said something that I can agree with most of what he said


They seem to believe that God is incapable of making anything, so he had to leave to evolutionary processes the actual doing of nature.  I find such a notion, however, completely ridiculous…

But I find the rabid anti-creationists to be an odd lot.  They seem to want to make evolutionary biology an article of faith and in that sense they are kindred spirits of the very people they denounce so loudly: they are dogmatists.  Unfortunately their dogmatism has no basis in either life as it’s lived each day nor in biblical theology.

I just quoted the 2 most important parts of what he said. God could have used an evolutionary process but what does that say about God? God chose the only way hat would show his creation who he is, how powerful he is, how creative he is and so on. Using a process fails in all those points and denies his word when he said death entered the world at Adam’s sin.

If God used a process and death occurred before Adam’s sinned, then God wrote that death entered the world at Adam’s sin then God would have lied and sinned. He would then be in need of a savior and not be God anymore. We would have no salvation, no hope and no eternal life.

This is the reason why we do not accept theistic evolutionists’ or progressive creationists’ thinking. They demote God top human or inferior status and take away his holiness, his perfection, and our reason to believe in him. They want to make God human so they can change his actions and words to fit their beliefs.

They do not want to humble themselves and accept God, his word and his actions as they are and be his servant. They want God to serve them and accept their words and ideas on how his actions should have taken place.

Christianity doesn’t work that way. We are to repent from our arrogance, our bad pride and humble ourselves in acknowledging that God was the one who was there at the beginning and he alone knows what he did. we then take by faith his words found in the Bible and believe them.

We do not change them, we do not say he lied or told one story to the ancients when he did something else, then tells another story to the modern population. God wants to know who believes him and who does not and faith is his tool to weed out the unbelievers. Those that take secular ideas and alternatives over his word are not believers, for the most part, but disobey and listen to those who do not believe.

God created as much as he did to show HIS glory so that his creation would know that he is God and there is none like him.