Rejecting Science

I came across this series on God and evolution via a link from another website and so far have only read very little of it. One sentence caught my eye and that one will be addressed here.

Some theologies are not realistic. For example, to assert that the world was created around 6000 years ago requires not only the rejection of biology, but geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and in general reason. ( )

First off, there are several questions that come to mind and the most important one is– What makes science right?  What do they have that sets them apart from every other field of study that makes their work the definitive standard and authority on any subject?

Follow-up questions like– How do the scientists know they have origins right? I have said this over and over that not one scientist can verify one claim made by any branch of evolutionary thought. So what information do they have that allows them to claim that theologies are unrealistic and wrong?

If we look at evolutionary thought, it too is very unrealistic as it claims life developed only on this planet via a process that used a 1 celled creature then developed into the diverse world of life we see today.

The astronomical odds of that happening once makes evolution very unrealistic especially since the evolutionist cannot point to one historical transition in action. They must assert and infer such transitions took place.

Second, notice the wording of the phrase

not only the rejection of biology, but geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and in general reason

that is evolutionary distortion at work. That phrase assumes that all science is limited to evolutionary and secular thought and that there is no other use or influence upon those fields of research.

The creationist doesn’t reject biology, geology, chemistry, physics or astronomy. They reject the flawed thinking of the secular people who use those fields to reject God’s word and present their own unprovable ideas about origins. In other words, the believer rejects the lies of the unbelieving world not the fields mentioned in those quotes.

Notice also the word ‘reason’ in those quotes. The author of those words is assuming that reason can only take place the secular way and that is very limited thinking.  The believer uses reason when they reject the arguments made by those who do not believe.

We are instructed not to follow the ungodly by God thus it is not reason we are failing to use but in fact use real reason to obey God rather than man. But then honesty has never been a stalwart of the evolutionist.

The evolutionist, whether secular or theistic, are blinded by their unbelief in God thus their ideas must be rejected in favor of God and his word. We can use those fields of research mentioned in the quotes but we do it God’s way and look for the truth not alternatives to it.

Biology tells us how God made the body work and mutations are not proof of evolution but proof of how different organisms interact with each other while under the influence of sin and corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin.

Astronomy tells us how God made the universe work and what is contained therein but at no time can astronomy tell us the age of the universe, let alone the earth and all the stars. I have dealt with the big bang previously and there is no way that astronomy can discover alternative origins to what God said in Genesis 1. To do so is all subjective thought based upon the rejection of the truth.

The same goes for each field of study. There is God’s way and there is the blind, secular way to approach each unit of science and research. Science is not an authority, it is simply secular man’s attempt to place themselves above God–the same sin satan committed which got him thrown out of heaven.

Those who follow the secular ways of science will find themselves receiving the same treatment in most cases. Placing oneself above God is arrogance and the wrong kind of pride, believers are not to do that. All people are to see what God did and humble themselves and worship God.

Sadly, most men have opted for the former and think they are greater than God. Even Adam had to take creation by faith for he was not at the event from the beginning. He came into existence at the end when everything else was in place. He talked to God directly and had to believe God’s word that he created all things for he was not a witness to it but a product of the creative act.

What can modern man say to change what took place? They weren’t there and are far removed from the act of creation thus they cannot say what God did or did not do. It is their unbelief in God’s word that leads them away from the truth and science doesn’t hold the answers to origins–only the Bible does.