What Makes Us Different?

Joel Watts asks this question on his website after posting a very brief comparison of what Christians believe and what the adherents of Islam, Scientology and Mormonism believe. You can read it here:


You will notice that the items selected for God and Jesus are hard to compare with other faiths for the false religions can accept those items without damaging their ‘faith’ in their version of God.

I said their version of God because their gods are not the same as the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible has a son and also has the Holy Spirit whereas Allah does not and was a member of a pantheon of Arab gods before Mohammad exalted him.

The Mormon God has 2 sons, Jesus and the devil and no Holy Spirit and the Scientology god needs a spacecraft to travel the universe whereas the God of the Bible doesn’t. But that isn’t the only difference.

The religious writings of the three false religions were written by 1 man, the founder, in the man’s lifetime. The source material is  long gone and no one has access to them. They have also been heavily edited and added to over the years.

The writers of those religious works draw heavily from the Bible, which if their words were true they would not have to do that. They would have original words, stories and creation sequences. For the Scientologist, where did the universe and planets come from if their god did not create all things?

Then if look at the Bible, we see that it was not written by one man but by many different men from different walks of life, over a period of 1500 years or so. We get original history that explains the existence of everything and we get a procession of history from the beginning to the end.

We also have a paper trail. We have ancient manuscripts dating back hundreds if not thousands of years and we have stories of translation of the OT going back before the birth of Christ. One NT mss. dates back to within 100 years after Christ’s birth and there are over 5,000 different ones dating to different periods of human history since the first century.

We can check to see if the modern Bibles are correct whereas, we cannot do the same with the religious writings of the false faiths. For the Mormons, those golden plates went back to heaven so no one can verify if Joseph Smith got it right or not. Nor can they check to see if subsequent leaders of their church are interpreting the words correctly. They do not have the help of the Holy Spirit to guide them to the truth. They must take their leaders’ word for it and that is a dangerous and vulnerable game to play.

We cannot check Mohammad’s original work or even copies dating back to him because they do not exist. We are not even sure if Mohammad existed as the Muslim claims {See Robert Spencer’s book Did Mohammad Exist)

And on it goes. If one does a proper and honest comparison of the Bible, God and Jesus with other faiths it is not hard to see that God does exist, his word is true and that we are different because we do not follow a human who wrote his own words but we follow the one true God who is unique and original. There is no one like him anywhere.

We are different because our faith in Jesus walking on the water is not grounded in that story alone but it is grounded in the fact that the words of God have been around since the beginning of time and have not changed.

We see the fairness of god and his justice by this fact. We can read the Words from God to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, etc., and so could the ancient people. God’s word has been available to all people at all points in history; whereas the writings of those false religions have not.

The Koran has been around since the 8th century AD, approx.,  The Book of Mormon and its companion religious documents since the 19th century and Scientology’s writings since the 20th. There is no fairness or justice in those works as if they were true why were not those words available to all people from the beginning?

We see our difference when we examine what God has done and compare them with alternative works. The alternatives just do not match up nor can they keep up with God’s word or him.

If you want to bring in ancient false religions and their similarities to scripture then we can say that those false religions kept their writings secret and edited them as time went on. we do not know what they originally wrote for like the Masonic lodge, secrecy was the key not openness and the truth.

Our difference is that our stories are true and have a long historical pedigree that has allowed all people to see what was written if they chose to look. The Words of God are no secret and could easily have been disproven by contemporaries if they weren’t true but none have spoken up.

Even Christ’s resurrection was not written against until all the eye-witnesses were dead. That is because it was true and the first eye-witnesses were the soldiers guarding the tomb. Christianity would not have made it past Christ’s death if the soldiers had not witnessed the resurrection first-hand.

Our difference is that we have and believe the truth. Sadly, there are those, like Watts and others, who claim to be Christian yet feel the need to change the truth to fit their ideas. They are no different from the Mormons, the Muslim or the Scientologist.