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04 Apr

#1. Gates to Hell- you can read all about here:

Italian scientists have reportedly found the “Gate to Hell” among ancient ruins in southwestern Turkey. The discovery was recently announced at an archeology conference in Istanbul, Turkey, according to Discovery News. Commonly called “Pluto’s Gate,” or Plutonium in Latin, the cave was understood to be the portal to the underworld in Greek and Roman mythology, with its entrance filled with lethal vapors. According to the discovery team’s head, Francesco D’Andria, this extraordinary finding helps to confirm and clarify what we know from ancient literary and historic source materia

#2. An ancient complex discovered near Ur:

British archaeologists have unearthed a giant complex near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq.

The area is believed to have been home to Abraham, father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

As the find is 4,000 years old, roughly the same age as Abraham himself, it raises the tantalising possibility of a direct link with one of history’s most significant religious figures…One of the most extraordinary archaeological items discovered at the site is a clay plaque of a worshipper approaching a sacred site dressed in a flowing robe. 

How quaint, they made a religious connection based upon one picture. Another article mentioned that the archaeologists speculate that this complex may be associated with a religion.  No proof of that but everyone knows that archaeologists need to make a religious connection with every building, artifact or manuscript they discover.

I will withhold judgment on that aspect.  I am of the opinion that archaeologists cloud the past more than they uncover it. If you look at the picture of the supposed worshipper, there is nothing there that indicates it is such a person or that the place was sacred. The relief could simply be depicting a government official in a pose, much like modern politicians pose for photographs.


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