The Saga Continues

15 Oct

Word has gotten out that Emmanuel Christian Seminary is seeking to end Dr. Rollston’s employment at their institution. Yes they should because if they do not then they will have difficulty disciplining their students when they attack God and the Bible or undermine the beliefs and purpose of the institution.

Secular scholars are up in arms over this because they feel that their ideas and principles should be held by Christian schools. That is not so. When one joins God’s kingdom, they are now under God’s rules and have left the secular rules behind. One obeys God not man.

Sadly, some supposed Christians have joined the secular world and demand that ECS  ignore God’s rules in support of secular desires. That is also wrong.  ECS is correct in their disciplining Dr. Rollston and in terminating his employment for Dr. Rollston is undermining christian belief and saying that God is not God but a being in need of a savior. That is very wrong.

One cannot say that God is wrong, for example, 1 Tim. 2:15 but correct in John 3:16 for if God is wrong in the former, there is no latter. There is no salvation for anyone and there is no God, no Jesus and no guidance for anyone. Dr. Rollston has committed a grievous error and he needs to be removed from a Christian environment until he truly repents. As do many supposed Christian teachers who teach that God is wrong.

Leading students away from faith in Jesus and the Bible is a very dangerous thing to do and Jesus warned about doing that. Christian churches and institutions need to take that warning very seriously and make their stand with God not with men.

I am going to post several links to the different articles so you can get the whole story not just my version of it:

The reaction by secular scholars and their demand for ‘academic freedom’ tells us that they do not want to be subject to anyone’s rules. They want to be free to publish what they want no matter what. That is a wrong attitude to have and shows that they do not care about scholarship, students or the institutions that pay them.

They care about their spoiled attitude and behavior only. They do not want to be told they are wrong because they want to be the authors of right and wrong and no matter how hard they try, they will never achieve that. Institutions have the right to make rules for their employees and they have the right to terminate those employees who violate the rules.

They also have the right to terminate employees if their publications/teaching are detrimental to the purpose of the institution and the spiritual development of the students. A christian institution has the responsibility to teach the truth and remove false teachers from its midst. Dr. Rollston failed at the former and joined the latter and does not have a place in any christian institution or church until he truly repents and changes.

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