We Are NOT Embarrassed

I was notified of a couple of posts the other day concerning the honesty of a couple biblical explorers who did not find what they had hoped to find when they did their archaeological dig in the Holy land. The author of the posts was actually giving them their due for being ‘honest’.

You can read the details here in the posts authored by minimalist, he has a quote from Wm. Dever in the first one and a blurb about Callaway in the second immediately following: http://atheistforums.org/thread-10260-post-327759.html#pid327759

The issue for this post is in the following quote  also found in the posts mentioned above:

“Apparently, theological embarrassment is more important to fundies than truth.”

The thing is, we are NOT embarrassed if an archaeological investigation reveals nothing of a person, city, town or whatever that is identified in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t instruct believers to follow the archaeological record for God knew and we all know now that the archaeological record is missing about 95% of the information and structures that once existed in the past.

This disparity is outlined quite well by Kenneth A. Kitchen in his book, The Bible In Its World. The first chapter deals exclusively with archaeology and the minute amounts of information it recovers. We do not recover very much and a lot of ideas are mere speculation of what might have been.

In R. K. Harrison’s book (and other works on the ancient Egyptians) we learn that the ancient Egyptians altered their history to look better for future generations. This is one reason why we do not find any mentioning of the Israelite sojourn in their land.

Not finding any ‘evidence’ for the biblical record is not an embarrassment  because of the reality. In one of the posts mentioned above, the lost city of Ai is discussed and how they could not find any remains at the selected site. Well, we know the reality. Ai was destroyed by Joshua, what remains would there be?

Then with the invasions of the Babylonians, the Assyrians, The Greeks, and the Romans, not to forget the Arabs, and given the timeline of approx. 3,000 years, I would say it would be unrealistic and impractical to expect to find anything remaining at the biblical location for Ai.

Modern science and archaeology still cannot find any trace of Roanoke and that existed a mere 400 years ago approx. and there were no invasions by multiple armies bent on destroying what they found. How do archaeologists expect to find Ai,especially since there are no ‘welcome to Ai’ signs lying in the dirt?

{To read up on Roanoke click here: http://historicmysteries.com/lost-colony-of-roanoke}

The other important issue is, believing the Bible is not a game where evidence plays a role. it is a decision between belief and unbelief. We either believe God and His word or we do not. The demand for evidence demonstrates unbelief, just as doubting Thomas exampled when the other disciples told him Jesus had risen from the dead.

The use of faith and trust that God told us the truth demonstrates belief and love for God. 1 Cor. 13 tells us that love believes all things so if we love God, we believe His words without demanding any proof.

That is the key. The unbelieving world wants evidence but even if we produced evidence, there is no guarantee that the unbeliever will accept it and repent. In fact, I have usually found the opposite action. In presenting what physical evidence we do have for the biblical record I have seen unbelievers dismiss it without consideration, demand more or simply deny it is evidence.

We believers do not play by secular people’s’ rules. We go by God’s and God has said faith is part of the equation. We will never get enough physical evidence to meet anybody’s demand because most has already been destroyed, either by natural means or man created ones. it doesn’t exist anymore thus a person is left with simple faith.

A choice has to be made to believe God or not regardless of what evidence there is for or against the biblical record. We cannot provide any evidence for heaven, the new Jerusalem or even the Garden of Eden as those locations need faith to believe they exist or existed. Thus the call or demand for evidence by unbelievers is merely a hoax as they want an excuse to not believe. They refuse to play by God’s rules .

The believer must stop playing by secular man’s rules and follow God’s. Faith will always be part of the equation which is why we are NOT embarrassed by the lack of physical evidence. God doesn’t require it for salvation or eternal life.