What About God?

This is a question Dr. McGrath posted over at his website and it was accompanied by a video detailing some christian students transition from believing creation to accepting and believing evolution. You can view the video here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/

The question, if asked by an open-minded and serious person, is a good one. If they aren’t then the true believer is just wasting  their time, except maybe to plant a seed.  But let’s look at this issue rationally and logically.

We won’t be addressing the secular version’s idea about God because he doesn’t exist in their theory. They simply have a simple life form magically appearing on earth and developing the diversity of plant, animal and human life we see today and it was done randomly.

We will look at the theistic evolutionists (TE)and progressive creationists’ (PC)idea of God together as there really isn’t much difference between the two theories. Both take secular science over God’s word and then try to marry biblical ideas they like to the theory. It is an attempt by alternative thinkers to creation to have their cake and eat it too.

Their idea of God is this Supreme Being who possess immense and awesome power who has always lived and always will live, who rules over all things, and much more YET opts to ‘create’ life via a one-celled life form and take millions of years, plus allowing death and sin to be present from the beginning. Then, this version of God decides to mislead and lie to his very own creation by saying He did one thing but actually did another.

God wants those very human creations to follow and worship Him but He seems to have little respect for them and is incapable of providing the truth to them.  What the TEs and PCs have done is made the sinless, infallible, all-powerful God into a fallible, sinful weak being, no greater than the creation He wants to have worship Him.

Who in their right mind would follow and worship such a God? Who would want to follow and worship a Being that sinned and lied? Maybe He is lying about salvation as well? Logically and rationally, the TE and PC idea of God makes no sense and they have removed all hope from people’s lives as they have demoted God to human levels. He isn’t even  God.

The creationist idea of God is as the Bible describes Him. Sinless, infallible, all-powerful and He puts it on display by creating a vast universe and all the diversity we see simply by speaking. Then He records what he actually did and tells His creation the truth, so we can have confidence in His words recorded everywhere else in the Bible. We can then trust His words on His plan of salvation and look to Christ for forgiveness of sins and have hope for our lives.

What we learn from God’s display of His power at creation is that we are protected, He is stronger than anyone else; He can avenge us when we are persecuted; He is in control of all things because His demonstration proves he is master of all.

We can go on about what we learn about God at creation which we cannot learn via the TE and PC versions of origins but this is not the time to be redundant. The Bible records for us already what we need to know about God.

What does this mean for the believer who have children in public schools and universities that teach evolution? It means that any alternative to the creation account destroys God and renders him less than or equal to sinful humans and that their children need to not listen to their teachers who teach such things.

Too many believing children are tempted by the lies of secular science. They are told that they are ‘doing science’ if they do it in disobedience to God. They are told that evolution has all the evidence and creation has none. Both statements are untrue. creation in fact has all the evidence and evolution has zero.

They are told that those who believe in creation are ignorant of science and do not know what they are talking about. That is untrue as well, as we have the truth with the Bible and the evolutionist only has assumption, conjecture, speculation and hypothesis. They have no truth, no facts, no verification.

I do not want to rehash all the different points I have made, not only here but also at www.dakotascba.com so I encourage you to search both sites to get more details on how to prepare your students for unbelieving teachers and professors. Science is not the authority we are called to follow or listen to. God and Jesus are and their words trump any scientist’s because the scientist is a fallible human being subject to the corruption and sin that entered into the world at Adam’s sin and they do lie.

Jesus was talking about heaven to His disciples one day and he makes the statement: ‘if it were not so, I would have told you.’ The same statement works for creation. If God did not create as He said in Genesis, and throughout the Bible, then Jesus would have told us. He would not have told men who rejected Him and dismissed His words.

Logically and rationally, creation as recorded in Genesis is the only option for origins for it gives us a powerful and mighty God who is above all things. Any other version removes God and gives us nothing.