Logical and Rational Thinking

Many people who do not accept the Genesis account of the global flood always make the remark that there is no evidence to support it.  They claim that any geological evidence discovered supports another form of developement for the landscape we enjoy today.

Their thinking does not seem logical or rational as it relies upon the speculative powers of men and women they have never met (for the most part). It also relies upon those people who cannot agree with each other except in the larger general picture.

Plus, they limit their supposed logical and rational prowess to only those people who tell them what they want to hear, even if the theory is more illogical and irrational than the biblical account. Their claim that there is no evidence for Noah’s global flood needs further examination for it is indeed illogical and irrational.

First, God never said, and you will find no scripture verse granting permission to take science’s word or work over God’s word. God said, ‘the just shall live by faith…’, ‘faith pleases Him…’ and we have Hebrews 11 extolling the virtues of faith.

Noah’s global flood is not exempt from God’s requirement of using faith. Faith is always part of the equation. Yes we will get some physical evidence but that is to shore up a person’s faith in God thus we will never get so much physical evidence that it will destroy what God says pleases Him.

No matter how you look at it, the secular world will never get all the evidence they demand because God has said faith is part of the criteria.

Second, we must ask the dissenters this question? ‘What kind of evidence are they looking for? There has been only 1 global flood in all of history so how will we recognize it when we find such evidence?

Noah and his sons did not waste time recording the damage they saw after leaving the flood so we have no ancient account of what evidence for a global flood looks like. So what we find today would have no documentation  with which to compare.

Third, in the few thousands of years since the global flood countless local floods have taken place. These events would mar any physical evidence left behind by Noah’s grand flood. Then on top of that we have earthquakes, landslides, storms, wars, construction, travel, and on it goes. All of these events would do damage to any physical evidence left behind by Noah’s flood.

Fourth, all documentation from the pre-flood world was destroyed. We have no idea what the earth looked like prior to Noah’s flood. So, like point 2, we have no ancient pre-flood works to see the changes that took place.

All of this logical and rational analysis does is point back to point #1 and faith.  To accept the global flood as told in Genesis we have to use faith because the physical evidence we have is very limited. To see evidence for Noah’s global flood click on the link and scroll down as you read


Logical and rational thinking doesn’t glibly dismiss what the Bible says. it takes a closer look at the situation and sees what the reality is. We cannot dismiss a global flood based upon the lack of physical evidence because the lack of evidence doesn’t tell the whole story.

To be logical and rational one must be open to  the whole picture and is honest with oneself. To say that the evidence points to a series of local floods is ridiculous simply because that doesn’t disprove a prior global one but just shows that the researchers are giving up when they discover what they want to hear.

Noah’s global flood took place just as the Bible says and true believers do not need physical evidence to believe that, they need logical and rational thinking.