The Important Lessons of Creation

The secular world would have the Christian world believe that the age of the earth and universe is an important piece of information. It isn’t. Their focus on the earth’s age is simply a distraction from the real lessons God wants us to learn.

The following is a list of lessons that trump the secular world’s idea of important data.

#1/ God did not say when He created, he simply said, ‘In the Beginning, God created…’ This tells us that the age of the earth is not important and we should not be focusing on it.

#2/ The 4th and 5th words give us the name of the originator. ‘…God created…’ No process, no catastrophe, no lesser gods, no animals and on it goes. it was simply God who created all things. These two simple words should give believers confidence as the first verse of Genesis lets us know God is more powerful than anything on earth or in the spiritual world. We can have confidence in God because He can do mighty acts.

#3/ From the order of creation, we can see that God is logical, rational and orderly. He also has foresight as He knows what is needed first so the rest of creation can survive. Everything He did was done rationally and logically. It was not a haphazard creation but a thought out one.

#4/ God is not a hypocrite. He did His work in 6  24 hour days, showing man that He follows what He commands of them. He tells us to work 6 days and rest the seventh so God worked 6 days and rested on the seventh.

#5/  God took time to rest from His labors, so should we. We are not constructed to last forever and to remain healthy we need to take time to stop laboring and rest our bodies. We follow God’s example not man’s.

#6/ God used Himself as the model for humans. We are not some by-product from some random acting process but a being that has been given the same things God possesses– emotions, intelligence, desires, thought and on it goes. We are not animals but specially endowed humans given responsibilities to meet.

#7/ We are wanted. Since God freely chose to create us and all things in the heavens and earth, we know that even if our parents, friends and associates, etc., reject us, we are still wanted.  God wants us. He chose to create us, He didn’t have to so this special act fills the void of human need. That means that we are not alone, we just have to let Him in.

#8/ Genesis 2:1 tells us “Thus the heavens and earth were completed in all their vast array.” These words tells us what is right and what is wrong when it comes to origins. We know what the truth is and it isn’t some alternative secular theory or some ‘Christianized’ version of the secular world’s ideas of alternatives.

God took 6 24 hour days and then the work was done. There are no millions of years, no ongoing process nothing but God’s handiwork. That verse tells us that all alternatives to Genesis 1 are wrong thus we know what to do–dismiss the alternatives even if they are ‘christians’ trumpeting them or a stack of secular university professors declaring a different origin than the one God told us took place.

The truth doesn’t need a majority of people to vote for it, it doesn’t need science to tell us, it doesn’t need scientists to experiment and theorize. Even if no one accepts it, the truth remains the truth.

So if the secular world states that they have hundreds of thousands of experiments and academic papers which state that their theory is true, they are wrong. God never said to use science for origins, because that would be redundant. He already told us how it all happened.

We just have to make a choice–to believe Him, who was at the beginning, His words and accept them; or reject them and believe sinful, fallible men who were not at the beginning.